Cover Reveal: BLEED ME by INDIA R. ADAMS


Check out this haunting and powerful cover for BLEED ME (Haunted Roads #3), an all-new interconnecting standalone by India R. Adams is coming October 5th!!



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My secrets weren’t hidden.

They were lost.

What took their place made me the monster in the night.

She should tell someone about what I’ve done.

She should scream the truth!

But she doesn’t.

Instead, she loves me.

So, down the haunted road she followed me.




About the Author:

India is either hiding away and writing in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina, in a studio writing and recording songs for the Forever series, in yoga trying to find her Zen (that keeps escaping her), walking down an old dirt road (no joke), outdoors with her dogs and family (because to live without the sun is a crime), in a coffee shop talking books, or floating in a lake (when the weather permits).

She thinks reading books is the answer to all problems (and having a glass of red wine is a fabulous second solution). She loves to chat with readers because she says they are brilliant and most passionate.


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