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Hi ! Welcome to my blog ! Here I post all the latest news about  Literary Romance. As an avid reader and a romance book junkie .. It’s an honor to help the authors promote their books by giving a positive reviews, participating on promo tours and sharing their latest releases, cover reveals, excerpt reveals and giveaways by posting to this blog. I also post my ARC reviews here ! So if you want me to review or help you promote your books .. hit me up ! Im doing it for FREE !! And if you want to buddy read with me and talk about books or music ! Yes Music ! Did I mention I love rock and metal music ?! (and obviously its how I came up with my blog name! haha) so if you considered youself as a nerd metalhead or a geeky rocker or just a plain music lover .. Im here ! We can chat all day about bands or if you need someone you can talk to about anything or everything .. Im all in !! Im more than willing to be your friend. Add me on my social media accounts !

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