DON’T DATE YOUR ROOMMATE by Elyse Kelly is coming December 3!


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Christian Davis is one of the sexiest bachelors in Magnolia Springs. Girls throw themselves at the hot mechanic on the daily! And why not? He’s sweet, gorgeous, smart, and successful. And he’s suddenly looking for a place to live, now that his roommate/brother finally has a girlfriend and she’s moving in with him. Where’s he gonna go on such short notice? Anybody looking for a sexy mechanic to move in?

Ava Morgan has lived in a gilded cage her entire life. She knows if she doesn’t get out now, she never will. So, when her best friend asked her to move to Magnolia Springs to help her open her own business, Ava jumped at the chance to run away from home and start a new life somewhere else. But when her best friend instantly falls head over heels in love and decides to move in with her new boyfriend, Ava finds herself in need of a new roommate.

Now Ava and Christian unexpectedly find they can help each other out with their new housing predicament. But what happens when you put two stunningly beautiful people under one roof? Trouble! That’s what happens. So, whatever you do, don’t date your roommate.

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RIVAL HEARTS by Brenda St John Brown is coming December 7!


Britain’s most-eligible bachelor has met the girl of his dreams. Too bad he’s her worst nightmare.

Stefan Cane has snogged and shagged his fair share of gorgeous women. Yet he’s spent the last three months trying to forget the woman he shared a fleeting kiss with at the Jingle Ball last year.

Now he’s back in the tiny English village, staying across the street from her pub, The Blue Dog. The same pub he’s about to put out of business.



According to his endless spreadsheets, bloody definitely.

That’s not the goal of the pub renovation reality show he produces, but the truth is, his job depends on him getting his project done, on time and on budget. Even though the village isn’t big enough to sustain two pubs and Stefan knows it.

Lucy Maclaren knows it, too. She told him that at the Jingle Ball. Right before that kiss he hasn’t been able to forget. The one he desperately wants to repeat.

How is he supposed to do his job when he’s more worried about his so-called rival? Worse, how is he ever going to win her heart when the only thing she wants to see is his backside leaving town – preferably as soon as possible?

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RAISE HELL by Ashley Gee is coming November 30!


Once upon a time, I was innocent — and then they destroyed me.
Left me for dead.
The boys of Havoc House don’t think I remember what they did to me.
But they’re going to pay for all of it.
People like to say that revenge is a dish best served cold. But it takes planning and patience to seek true vengeance when you’ve been wronged.
And the best revenge takes time.
You have to smile when you want to scream. Laugh, when you want to cry.
Play nice, while you dream of going for the jugular.
For that, you need boiling hot rage.
I am the cleansing fire that will burn out every bit of the evil at St. Bart’s Prep.
I’ll cross each of the Havoc boys off my list until I’m the last one standing. One by one, they will fall.
I’m willing to do whatever it takes to see that happen.
Even pretend to fall in love.
Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.
But I can’t wait on heaven, so instead I’ll raise hell.

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