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Get ready to read for a great cause! I Have Lived and I Have Loved, an all-new Top Shelf Romance charity collection, is coming December 26th, and we have the gorgeous cover!

Pre-order your copy today! >>

I have lived and I have loved…

There’s no better feeling than those little butterflies at the end of a romance story. Top Shelf Romance is proud to present a collection of happily ever afters in collaboration with a cause dedicated to providing stories for those in need.

100% of the profits from this anthology will be given to the Live A Thousand Lives charity. These best selling romance authors have graciously donated their stories for this collection:

KA Linde, Willow Winters, Skye Warren, Carrie Ann Ryan, Nikki Ash, Staci Hart, Jennifer Bene, Marni Mann, Melanie Harlow, Amelia Wilde, Livia Grant, Tia Louise, Jenna Hartley, Aleatha Romig, Dylan Allen, Nana Malone, Ella James, Fiona Cole & JD Hollyfield.

Live A Thousand Lives is a nonprofit dedicated to making audiobooks more accessible to individuals with low to no mobility. To that end, Live A Thousand Lives provides audio players preloaded with classic stories to individuals in hospitals, care centers and nursing facilities.

For every ONE Romance Audio player purchased (loaded with 23 romance novels!), Live A Thousand Lives is able to donate TWO Classic Fiction audio players. These simple-function, easy-to-use players help open a world of books to readers with physical disabilities that prevent them from enjoying traditional books. Your love of books could help bring audiobooks to TWO book lovers with low mobility or physical handicap that keeps them from enjoying traditional books. And that is what makes this organization so amazing!

Follow @liveathousandlivesproject and check out to learn more about their story, mission and inspiration.


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