Their bond is too intense to ignore.

Come at me, world. You can’t damage the impermeable.”

Colleen Hoover strikes again with this amazing beautiful, moving story that will captured your heart and soul instantly.

It’s emotionally intense. Breathtaking. Phenomenal !! And talking about all the feels? Well, prepare yourself ! Because this book will definitely make you feel all the possible feels that you ever felt. !!

HEART BONES by the Best-selling Author Colleen Hoover is a full length friends-to-lovers contemporary romance told by first person POV.

Colleen Hoover never fails to amaze me. There’s a magic in her every romance novel that when every time I finished, despite all the roller coaster of emotion and the fat tears I shed there’s always an incredible feeling that makes my heart leaping with so much joy making my mind and soul at ease for a moment.

Every passage of this book dug deep into my soul. And I had to put my Kindle down several times just to calm my nerves. I had to pause-read-breath repeatedly the whole time to absorb everything.

Beyah and Samson characters are so relatable in many ways. They are perfectly crafted. They are so good together. Their chemistry, the attraction between them and the friendship that they built. And for me they are one of the memorable characters that I’ve ever read. We saw the journey of their beautiful relationship blossoms into something more. Both damage and has its own difficulty in their life but we witnessed how they manage to overcome it til the end.

Beyah’s character is the one I love the most. Her character was so endearing. She had a sass of Skylar and Merit rolled into one. A smart mouth. Strong and independent. And doesn’t let anybody to control here. Strengthen by poverty and neglect. She’s determined to do everything to change her life, but when an unexpected loss happens, she left no choice but to spend her summer with her father and his new family and that’s when he meets Samson. Yes ! Samson ! The quite, mysterious rich guy. But he is not who it seems to be. He has a lot of secrets hiding beneath his sleeves. Beyah sense that he is more damaged than she is. She’s determined to peel his secrets layer by layer. And as the story unfolds Beyah discovered something she didn’t expect to, something that will change both of their lives, something that will test their love and trust to each other . This story has a lot of twist and turns that you may not see coming! And if you think you managed to figure it out? Well, think again.

“Don’t worry. Hearts don’t have bones. They can’t actually break.”

This book reminds me of why I love Colleen Hoover so much. Every word in this book was beautifully written. Every details are so raw and vivid that I can actually picture every detail in my head. I’m so thrilled! Heart Bones managed to surpass my expectation!! I know it will be a good book, but I don’t expect it to be this best! And Samson and Beyah? Ugh, it makes me want to dive inside the book and held them both tightly.

“ can fill your life with nice things, but nice things don’t fill the holes in your soul.”
“What fills the holes in a soul?”
Samson’s eyes scroll over my face for a few seconds. “Pieces of someone else’s soul.”

The story of Beyah and Samson reminded us to be kind all the time and be thankful for every little thing we had in life. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the house that sheltered us and a family that always there to guide us. There are some people who don’t have those things in life. So let’s not take advantage of it and appreciate all the things we had. And Colleen Hoover delivered it all perfectly she gave us a romance novel that will make our heart swoon for the characters with the right amount of steam and drama yet moved us and inspired us in many ways.

I usually write short and simple reviews but for this book I’m gone too far. THIS IS SO GOOD. A MUST READ. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Beyah comes from a life of poverty and neglect; Samson from a family of wealth. When the two find themselves spending the summer as neighbors, they soon realize money is one of the few things they don’t have in common.

Their bond is too intense to ignore, but with only the summer separating them from the start of their new lives on opposite ends of the country, Beyah and Samson decide to stay in the shallow end of a summer fling.

What they don’t realize is that a rip current is coming and it’s about to drag both their hearts out to sea.

Heart Bones is live early !! Grab your Copy Now !!

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About Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover is the #1 New York Times and International bestselling author of thirteen novels and multiple novellas. She lives in Texas with her husband and their three boys. She is the founder of The Bookworm Box, a non-profit book subscription service and bookstore in Sulphur Springs, Texas.

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