“You and me. We’re cosmic.”

Taylor Danae Colbert perfectly crafted a love story that will touch your heart and soul deeply. BACK TO SHORE is one of the most uniquely beautiful and heartwarming as it’s heartbreaking story I’ve ever read.

“He’s a rope, and he may have some fray to him. There might be some knots along the way, but if I follow him, if I hang on, I know I’ll get back to shore.”

It didn’t took me a time to fall in love with Mila and Ryder. Taylor convey their second chance of love in a most wonderful yet heartbreaking way. This is a story of forgiveness,acceptance, heartaches and a love that no matter how many years would pass if it’s true ..then it will find a way to each other. And words can’t describe the emotional ride that I went through while devouring this beautiful novel. This is such a masterpiece.

In all my life, there has been one love that’s completely rocked me. And that was you. Our love was good,bad, and the absolute ugliest, and I’d do every second of it over again-every single moment-if it meant that I’d end up back here, with you, in this bed.”

With every chapter unfold we learned about their past, their tragic losses and the current problem that there facing of. My heart aches for both Mila and Ryder and I have to put down this book several times just to calm myself. I almost DNF reading not just because I didn’t like it. It’s because I’m afraid it would end tragically, I shed too much tears from this and I don’t think my heart can’t handle this if much worse would happen. I’m emotionally invested with this characters that I can feel their pain from the deep of my heart and soul just by reading their story. Good thing Taylor pities our poor soul and ended this book beautifully though I’m still an emotional wreck.

“All these years I’ve spent hating him. All this wasted time. We never got to finish our story because of a lie. And now, we might not get to again.”

This is one of the story that touches my heart completely. So I don’t want spoil this book by giving much details. The blurb itself will convince you anyway.

I’ll Recommend it to everyone now and then. This is a must read story that everyone shouldn’t missed.

ARC provided in exchanged for an honest review.


When I was sixteen, I was madly in love with Ryder Casey.

He was kind, he was loving, he was everything.
Then he killed my twin brother, the night before our seventeenth birthday.
Accident or not, he crushed me in more ways than one. So I turned him away and never looked back. I haven’t forgotten. And I certainly haven’t forgiven.
Now, I’m sort of a hot mess. I’m in between jobs, essentially homeless, and newly divorced.
But as I try to put the pieces of my life back together, I know that Ryder’s the one that’s missing. I have to find him, and I have to forgive him.
And when I do, I learn that he’s not exactly living the easiest life. He needs someone. He needs me.
Despite everything, I know I should be there for him. But doing that means I’ll have to put our past behind us.
And I’ll have to try my hardest not to fall back in love with the man who broke my heart beyond repair.

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Meet Taylor Danae Colbert

Taylor has been writing since the tender age of seven, when her mother bought her her first typewriter. Once she finished her first work, a tall tale about a girl with hair that grew too fast, her father told her she should be published. And so, her lifelong dream of becoming a published writer was born.
Taylor never thought of herself as a romance writer, but it turns out, she loves love.
When she’s not chasing her kids, watching Impractical Jokers with her husband, running, or playing around with her two pups, she’s probably under her favorite blanket, either writing a book, or reading one.
Taylor lives in Maryland, where she was born and raised.
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