Before I Die, a new, contemporary, heart-stopping and intense stand-alone romance by Nikki Ash is available now!

Before I Die by Nikki Ash was such a phenomenal read. The story captivated my heart and mind instantly. Nikki Ash delivers a powerful storyline that centered to the story of two main characters about finding love after the loss and living life to the fullest.

Nevaeh was a sweet, innocent girl whose living a life trapped under her controlling mother. Through her whole life she follows everything she told to even if she’s living to her own now. She’s been respectful and doesn’t complains. So she makes a list of everything she wants to do hoping that one day she will do everything to it. But all that changed when all hell breaks loose and every lies revealed.

Nevaeh went first time to a club on the night of her 24th birthday were she kissed a handsome stranger, to save her from humiliation in front of her ex boyfriend. Nevaeh felt a spark from kissing the stranger that she never felt before.

An event went wrong and Nevaeh put in a dangerous situation were the handsome stranger from the club takes a big part of it. She forced to leave her old life and start a new beginning, in the hands and under the protects of a man she only met once.

Ethan is a bar owner who running some illegal businesses under. Beneath the mask of confidence and arrogance lies a man who suffered a terrible loss from the past. And now that she got an angel under his arms he will do anything to protect and save her.

I love this book !! Nevaeh and Ethan wonderful characters really gets me to the deep of my core. I was so emotionally invested. The characters are relatable and easy to fall in love with. I really like their development throughout the story. Especially Nevaeh, how she become strong and hopeful to live her life despite of all the heartaches she’d been through. Nikki Ash ability to write this book with so much feels was so beyond. And the twist in this book breaks my heart, scattered into pieces and put it back together repeatedly. But despite of that, reading and witnessing Nevaeh and Ethan journey through the end of this book will make your heart bursting with so much love and joy.

Thank you Nikki Ash for writing this beautiful masterpiece. This was my first book from the Author and definitely not my last.


Things I want to do before I die:
Go to a club
Get drunk
Kiss a stranger

Go on a mission trip

I’m drowning. Trapped beneath my mother’s expectations. Suffocated by my religious upbringing.
My life has been full of well-crafted decisions—none of them made by me.
On the outside I play by the rules, but on the inside… I have dreams. A list. A tattered scrap of paper tucked away from the world, only I know about.
Some items were easy to check off. Others, though, will require me to take a huge leap out of my comfort zone.
One night changes everything. While at the club for my birthday, so I could check off another item on my list, I did something I never imagined I would have the guts to do: I got drunk and kissed a stranger.
What I wasn’t prepared for was how that one kiss would change the course of my life, making me realize life is more than a list to be checked off. It’s about living in the moment so you don’t miss the ones not on the list—the ones you didn’t even know you wanted.


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ARC provided by the Author and Give Me Books Promotions in exchanged for an honest review.

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